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Web & Mobile Specialties

We combine the elegance of Java with the robust security of PHP to develop effective, responsive web sites..

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Translation Services

We offer a comprehensie range of English - Thai translation services

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Our Team


Siriporn (Koy) Harker


Siriporn grew up in a small country town in northern Thailand and studied I.T. at university.
She worked for many years in an administrative/sales role for a major fluid supply hardware provider based in Bangkok. When returning to the north of Thailand she founded this company in order to pursue her long lost passions in I.T. and make use of her impressive language skills.


Aaron Harker


Aaron has been keenly involved in the I.T. industry since the early 80's when he discovered he had a natural apptitude for electronics and programing.
While most of his peers were barely even aware of the existance of computers, he already had an electronic bulletin board system(BBS) running from his bedroom.
He has followed on from that with a career that has always been I.T. focused but at the same time has spanned many different industries, security, human resources, manufacturing, and finance, to name a few. As such he has the knowledge and diverse experience needed to realize any desire you have.


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