Siam Technology College

International students department of a major Bangkok university

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Siam Technology College(STC)

About them

Siam Technology College is a private education institution under the Office of the Higher Education Commission. The aspiration of the Siam Technology College is to manage education in order to create graduates both undergraduate and postgraduate degree with theories and practical section in varieties areas, by providing academic and professional skills for students to be able keep up the pace with the rapidly changes of technologies. Graduates who graduated from Siam Technology College have desirable features that meet the labor market, as the graduates uses their wisdom and professional skills to help country develop economic and social, especially in the industrial era (Industrialization).

What we did

STC needed a way to keep students up to date with information and also give them the opportunity to collaborate with their peers.

To achieve this we setup a customized forum system that no only allowed the sharing of information and ideas but also allows student to book classes, pay fees and make appointments with the faculty.

Client Says

“I have asked Aaron Harker to complete several coding projects for me over the past five years. He has always been professional and on time. he has done what I asked and, when that was not possible, has come up with workable solutions. I can completely recommend Aaron for your project.”


Bruce Veldhuisen